About Us

Why are we "Catchlight35" ? - well it's simple........

Catchlight  (noun) -  A glint of light reflected in the subject's eye...... and then Tessa lives at a house with a number 3 and Gill at a house with a number 5.............obvious really, well, to us, at least.......

Yes, it's us!

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We are two professional photographers and also long time friends whose families have grown up together in Surrey.  We have photographed everything from small informal gatherings to major corporate events at some iconic London venues including St Paul's Cathedral, The Guildhall, The Royal Festival Hall, and the Dorchester Hotel, to mention a few.

          We have enormously enjoyed shooting some amazing weddings, where we always work closely with the bride and groom to create some extra special photographs, for example using smoke grenades and scouting special locations where possible.  We have the advantage of being in two places at once,  seeing things from two differing viewpoints at no extra cost.

We capture the spirit and emotion of your event for you to enjoy forever.  Please browse through our galleries to get an idea of our work.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Gill 07768 476009  and Tessa 07900 697300


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