Catchlight 35 Event Photographers

Capture the moment........relive the memory.

London and Surrey based professional Wedding and Event photographers.




There's nothing better than a great party or ball.

For Parties -  we capture mood and essence of your event  in every aspect, leaving no key moment forgotten and no detail undocumented so that it's recorded forever as a moment in time.

For Balls we offer FREE,  prop-filled, fun and professional digital studio at your venue, with on site printing for those take-me-home must-have images.

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Our event photography experience  enables us to produce informal/reportage style images.  We aim to capture the love, emotion and joy in vibrant pictures that will preserve your memories for a lifetime.  We will capture everything from the pre wedding preparations through the ceremony up to and including the first dance.

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 Sports are all about determination, success,  strength, balance and sometimes just pure beauty.  We aim to capture all the emotion and action involved with any sporting event.

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Technical skill is required for this low light, no flash, moving actors and unevenly lit stages.

We love it.

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Special Events

Whether you need pictures for marketing material,  press, on-line galleries or simply to remember the best bits,, we are comfortable shooting in large venues for events such as debates, conferences, cathedral services, celebration dinners etc.

Whatever your brief,  you are guaranteed the same personal service every time as well as consistent high quality results. 

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Latest Events

Note about our choices of download sizes on offer:

Web Size - very small image mostly suitable for phone size viewing.   Low Res 1mp - Suitable for Facebook/Instagram and general web viewing.   Hi Res Up to 4mb - Suitable for printing to original size or slightly larger (print sizes may vary).    Original  - Larger files suitable for blowing up to larger prints or displays.  Not particularly suited (but possible) for upload to Facebook (e.g.) due to Facebook algorithms.

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